Regular Car Sevicing can extend the life of your vehicle.
HEALYS now offer the following service schedule:

DATE: Service Service
Engine oil and oil filter: changed ( approved car spec.)   X X
Brakes: Inspection for wear and operation   X
Brake Lines: Visual Inspection for leaks and damage   X X
Steering and suspensions: Inspect for wear and damage   X
Chassis and body: tighten all bolts and nuts   X
Tyres: check tyre air pressure and condition of thread ware patterns   X X
Body condition: Inspect annually (including underside of vehicle)   X
Air cleaner element: Inspect & replace if necessary   X
Fluid levels: check coolant, brake, clutch & power steering fluid levels   X X
Battery: check terminals, electrolyte level and specific gravity   X
Power steering system and hoses: check lines and connections   X
Drive belts: check tension and condition, adjust & replace if necessary (extra if required )   X
Power Brake unit: check operation, vacuum hoses and connections   X
Replace Spark Plugs ( Long life Plugs extra if required )
Clutch and brake pedals: check operation, pedal height and free play   X
Parking brake: check operation and lever stroke & adjust if necessary   X
Electrical system: functional check of electrical consumers   X X
Fuel system: inspect fuel lines and hoses   X
Cooling system: Inspect systems and hoses   X

Check exhaust system, heat shields and operation of catalyst   X
Seat belts: check operation and condition   X X
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